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I am a native of Roswell, New Mexico, and I am a freelance Content Writer who specializes in SEO-friendly content with experience of over 6 years, specifically in the natural health and wellness spheres. My work strikes a nice balance between education and entertainment. I can break down complex topics into digestible, engaging, and credible content. I am also a prolific content writer, able to produce high-quality products such as articles and descriptions, always with high regard to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and readability. I work fast and effectively.

My Education

B.A. in English with a minor in Spanish from Eastern New Mexico University. From there, I embarked on my journey as a secondary teacher in the subject areas of English, Spanish, Reading, and Creative Writing. To this day, I still volunteer in the community helping youth, plus I'm a tutor of students of all ages from various nations.

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In 2015, I made the difficult decision to leave the classroom. Still, for my family and my health, it was the best decision at that time. I began tutoring in the subject of English and writing at the time. I soon realized that I had been teaching writing skills for almost 20 years but hardly ever practiced. And to me, it didn't make sense to teach about something if I wasn't applying the skills that I hoped to pass on to the next generation. So I leaped out in faith and signed on to this platform called Elance. You now know it as Upwork. Also, I have been contracted with a company called Content Writers. As years went by, I earned the privilege of working with clients on all sorts of projects from product descriptions, to blogs, to poetry. You name it! This experience has been priceless because I have gained the most training, the most research, and acquired more skills in just 6 years. So, thanks to the encouragement of clients (and my dear husband), I now have a working knowledge of Coschedule, Yoast, and Word Press, plus some simple photo editing.
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Leslie Anderson


My Portfolios

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Completed projects in editing and proofreading (eBooks, scripts, instructional materials, and articles). Translation work (English/Spanish).

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